The parish church has changed very little over the years but there are differences to be seen.
All Saints' from the north

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And, of course, the name has changed!
All Saint's from the north, taken in about 1872 compared with an etching dated about 1777 and a photograph taken in 2007. The modern view is taken from a slightly closer position because the fence in the old picture is now a tall hedge .

Most gravestones are still identifiable. The flue which took away the smoke from the heating system has gone. The notable absence in the early picture is 'Postgate's Folly', the pulpit built in 1921 by Rev Postgate to preach to people standing in in the graveyard.

All Saints' from the south

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From the South, again in about 1872 before the trees were planted. Apart from the trees, visitors nowadays see an almost identical view. A new weathervane is in place as well as some more gravestones.

The wall was built in 1858 and an iron fence completed the enclosure of the graveyard (the man leaning against the wall in the early photograph went home for his lunch and had not reappeared by the time the later picture was taken!).

The lithograph is ascribed to Miss Emma Musgrave. No date is given but probably early 19th century.

The Chancel shown here in about 1900 shows the old gas lights and the Altar covered in its cloth. Now, the old oil lamps have been replaced by modern brass lamp standards but the shades are not so very different. The most obvious difference is the Altar rail which was installed in 1906

This picture is again from about 1900 and looks towards the east window. It shows the gas lights set in place along the nave.  The lectern and pulpit are visible. They were bought in 1898 together 88 15s. The modern picture shows virtually no change apart from the disappearance of the gas lights




More to come!