Further Reading

The Ringing Grooves of Change *
Paul Langham. 2nd edition revised and updated by Margaret Rees
A detailed description of the church, its history and the history of the village.
Graffiti * Description and sketches of the graffiti images in All Saints
Never Bored- Shillington Village Life 1920-1939.

How We Got By- Shillington Life during World War II.

We Never Locked our Doors.

Three books published by the Women's Institute containing interviews with people from Shillington who lived during these periods and were able to contribute their memories and experiences.
A Historical Parish- Shillington Beds. Written by John Walton, a local resident.
The Shillington Fossil Diggings.
An account of the 19th century Coprolite diggings around Shillington.
Published by Bernard O'Connor in paperback 1998
ISBN: 9781902810171

Common Blood, An Exercise in Family History
100 years of the Hanscombe family.
Village history and references to the Coprolite industry

C E Hanscombe
ISBN 9B67250150
Available through Beds Library Service
                           (Our thanks to Jeff Rix for this information)














* Copies of these books are available from the church